The dwelling From Human body When you look at the RUSSIAN INCANTATIONS

The dwelling From Human body When you look at the RUSSIAN INCANTATIONS

The article gifts information to possess dysfunction of a single of the conventional Slavic business photo fragments, «naive structure», we.age. the dwelling of system. The author analyzes details of various bodily parts and you can organs inside the the newest texts regarding Russian incantations predicated on the names, services, features, has an effect on that he could be subjected, an such like. Brand new section «Documentation» includes citations one to train contexts in which ideas out of real bits are made on the incantations.

Of TOAST In order to SACRAL Text message: The brand new Code Of the System

The fresh paper works together the brand new role out-of somatic lexicon (person and you may zoological the exact same) throughout the construction out-of folklore texts that are characterised because of the optativity towards syntactical, and by directivity to the other people on the actional peak. The foundation of one’s analysed issue is actually messages out-of Serbo-Croatian toast, while the a particular folklore function that includes two semantically opposed parts – true blessing and you will curse. Analysed is the intent behind somatic conditions from the two fold. On the construction off blessing, muscles was subordinated so you can its basic idea of virility and you can variety. At exactly the same time, as the chief notion of the fresh curse would be to jeopardize, negative desires usually are led into body correct. There was a communication between your blessing and curse: the advantages considered as positive about true blessing, be bad of the antiformula – in the first place confident features (into the a zoological context) when; put in you, become bad on the the newest framework. Handled, because the good semantic similar to possess koleno, ‘s the term pojas (=belt) «generation».

Notes On the Group ANTHROPOLOGY

The fresh new report works with ritual serves and you may bans that provide fitness, toughness and you can charm in rituals of your diary activities. Mcdougal gives consideration to phenomenal-ritual baths, water-raining, scattering, filtration by-water, going inside dew, strategies with vegetation, an such like. The next a portion of the post points within chthonic and you can matrimony-erotic aspects of ft. The very last section of the report works closely with details regarding closing an individual’s throat («You simply cannot close someone else’s lips having a garment»).

LINGUISTIC And you will Social Image of The head In the Shine Code

Brand new report is dedicated to linguistic and you will social image of the newest lead calculating on the Gloss code. Research is dependent on guesses from intellectual linguistics; lexical studies off phraseologisms means that there are three basic conditions by which lead is characterised: spatial, bodily and functional. On the last the main report mcdougal measures up cultural and you can linguistic photos of your direct. Upcoming she confronts the two notions of your head into medical knowledge about it fundamentally very important element of human anatomy.

Impression From the Skin One of the RUSSIANS

Mcdougal intorduces standard talk from the facial skin of the to present the latest viewpoints regarding Aristotle, Voloshinov (regarding your resistance undressed-nude muscles), and you may Anzie (regarding psychoanalytic understanding of surface). Departing on Russian proverbs throughout the surface, the writer things within notions on the edging updates, assesses sentences where surface is a means of conveying thinking, psychological states. By the way regarding metonymy body may serve as a replacement to have a person themselves.


This new fairy-story motif from opening the new princess’s birthmarks on secluded parts of their person is assessed using the Slavic and you will Greek folklore materials. Incidentally of ritualistic translation this motif is related to well-known rites: within the girl whenever she attains sexual maturity, assessment of bride to be, brand new routine matrimony. Departing about symbolysm of your own swine along with her vulva, denuding prior to the shepherd-priest try translated while the a routine relationship which have a predecessor /deity /devil.

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