5.cuatro Thereza and you can an unbarred notice inside a close community: blogger, independent and you may feminist

5.cuatro Thereza and you can an unbarred notice inside a close community: blogger, independent and you may feminist

It is critical to remember that Chico, thought the brand new “the newest genius out-of tunes,” is actually alone complimented into the Requiao’s magazine note, whether or not he was drunk, don’t end up his demonstration, and had to depart the phase to have attacking their music producer. It’s, hence, you can easily to remember the fresh discrimination confronted from the female, that happen to be usually objectified from the men and you can thought incapable somebody.

Following the thickness of those occurrences, Ligia establishes you to definitely she would like to realize their unique industry since a good singer however, learns you to definitely this filippin brudar att gifta sig woman is expecting with her husband’s kid. That’s when she decided that their unique community try more critical on one to second: […] we understand that ladies need to choose from students and their field (Ligia’s talk which have Thereza).

Ligia after that possess an abortion so you’re able to invest herself totally to your community and cues the fresh divorce case records delivered by the their particular mother-in-law; she educated discrimination not just for being a divorced woman, but also for doing a singing occupation. When she goes toward this new bar, for example, that have Thereza and you can Maria Luiza, brand new pub people getting shameful with the presence off Ligia and you can Maria Luiza, because they did not have the fresh decisions asked at the time for women (one another without a partner and dealing some body).

Thereza is really distinct from Maria Luiza and Ligia, despite also that have a higher social standing. This woman is a woman who had been maybe not connected to the patriarchal community of that time period; she try from the societal part caused by feminine (). Thereza ‘s the exception to this rule in order to have a career as a journalist, taking walks on opposite direction of the thing that was asked out-of female during the time (Pinto, 2017).

For example difference try related to their surviving in Paris together with her spouse, in which they certainly were determined by European feminist actions that were already reshaping brand new part of women throughout the society by way of performs and you will instructional options (Azambuja, 2006; ). Thereza was a journalist additionally the just woman who struggled to obtain a ladies journal, the new very-called Angela.

Thereza’s spouse had the exact same open mind from the female’s part inside the the community and offered their wife

In one of the scenes, their company requires Thereza to engage an alternate editor to the mag, but Thereza wasn’t wanting an author who found the company’s profile and you may did not have to hire other men colleague:

– Simple: Biology. The male is far more focused, far more elite group, faster psychological. If you were a guy, instance, i would not be with such dialogue.

The latest series illustrates new bias that Thereza encountered in the office for being a lady, are felt inferior incomparison to their particular men associates (Azambuja, 2006), despite helping a women’s journal. Whenever called of the Helo, good girl exactly who worked as the a product and who was simply curious in starting to be a reporter, Thereza used measures out-of discrimination sustained of the female, just who won all the way down wages compared to men, in order to encourage their unique manager to employ her, while the, with regards to the dialog more than, new boss only wished to get dudes:

– Yes. I don’t imagine it’s going to harm to possess several other dress to help you beautify the bedroom (Thereza along with her company).

For Ligia, it absolutely was had a need to bother making a choice anywhere between motherhood and you can profession, and as stated from the Almeida (2014), motherhood is one particular valued character attributed to female, and it also is tough to reconcile motherhood with community

In that way, Thereza seems to hire Helo as part of the editorial employees of the magazine. After that, from inside the an ending up in reporters to close off the following dilemma of the latest journal, Thereza suggests an article about women that was in fact taking care of the fresh construction regarding Brasilia so you’re able to stress women that were undetectable at that time; not, the woman is again discriminated from the class:

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